• Dropshipping from China

    The #1 specialist in cross-border shipping from China to Europe.

  • CNE Express, YunExpress and more

    Our Mabang ERP system syncs with all major shipping carriers.

    Mabang ERP
    CNE Express tracking
    Yun Express
    4PX Express tracking
    Yanwen Express logo
  • Cross-border shipping

    Expert in cross-border shipping

    European specialist

    It takes knowledge and experience to ship small parcels from China to consumers in Europe smoothly. That's why instead of offering worldwide dropshipping services, we purely focus on cross-border shipping from China to Europe.

  • Dropshipping from China

    CNE Express and YunExpress

    China order tracking

    From CNE Express tracking, 4PX Express tracking, Yanwen tracking, Yun Express tracking to PostNL tracking, BPost tracking, and DHL tracking, we offer them all. Based on your target country and level of speed and service, together with you, we make a logistic plan for you. We'll optimize your parcel delivery logistics.

  • CNE Express YunExpress

    Under 2KG parcels

    Expert in light parcel delivery

    We focus solely on the less than 2-kilogram parcels. We provide a fast and affordable shipping option for all your light packages.

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